Good Governance

Alan Capes

Alan is a Civil Engineer (Concordia University) with an MBA (McGill University}. For 35 years his career focused on building business cases, and implementing, multi-million dollar business transformation projects and leading technology strategy at CN Rail. Alan founded and led the world’s largest rail technology user community, across North America, Europe and Asia. Alan has also been a guest lecturer on business strategy at several Quebec universities. In retirement, Alan co-founded and serves as a Director of La Fondation Ruisseau Bouchard in Dorval and is a Director of the Ayer’s Cliff Fair.

When asked what were his reasons for his involvement in the Massawippi Foundation, Alan said:

“My parents loved the Townships and bought a small waterfront property on Lake Massawippi in 1947, it instantly became the centre of the Capes family for generations. This is where our roots are firmly planted. In retirement my wife Lynn and I moved here permanently and the house routinely flows with our two sons from Montreal and family from Ontario and British Columbia. We love this land; the lake, the mountains, the trees and rivers of the Massawippi valley and the amazing neighbors and communities that thrive here.

I can think of nothing more rewarding and important than participating in protecting and sharing this wonderful ecosystem with future generations of family, friends and strangers alike. Building on over 10 years of extraordinary successes of the Massawippi Foundation, there are many exciting opportunities ahead: critical rivers, wetlands and forests to protect, expanding and enhancing public access to trails, actively engaging young people in nature awareness and experiences, and working with agricultural communities to enhance the quality of the land. I am excited and grateful to work on these and many more opportunities, with this team and these communities, to improve the quality of all life in our little part of the planet.”

Alan Capes