Since its inception in 2011, the Massawippi Foundation has given over $ 450,000 to the community around the lake. Although the Foundation collects funds primarily for the Trust to buy land and build and maintain trails, it also gives back to the community.

One of the early recipients was Camp Massawippi 

The camp, located in Ayer’s Cliff, serves children and adults who have physical disabilities. Whether it be summer camp, day camp or respite days and virtual camp, the Camp provides an essential service for recreation, learning and growth in a beautiful
environment. It is a vibrant community which has dedicated staff who often come back year after year to work there. The current interim director, Mr. Jed Richman, was himself a camp counsellor for three years back in the 70’s.

In 2013, the Massawippi Foundation gave a grant to the camp for them to construct a safe and green path that was wheelchair friendly to facilitate access to their beach.

Always thinking about the future, the governing board of the camp is looking towards improving the kitchen facilities in order to make them accessible for educational programs. They plan to build a kitchen garden and will be needing volunteer gardeners for maintenance as well as people to teach campers about gardening.  Is this something in which you would like to PARTICIPATE?  

2021 is the 70th anniversary of the Camp which coincides with the 10th for the Massawippi Foundation. It is the perfect opportunity for us to highlight our strategic alliances. These alliances are key to the health and growth of the community. People helping people is INVESTING in our community!

To find out more about the dining hall fundraising campaign at Camp Massawippi simply click here.

As we celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the Massawippi Conservation Trust and Foundation, our neighbour, Mr. Gilbert Beaupré has been operating his trails for much longer than us. In 1977, Mr. Beaupré decided to build some cross-country ski trails. He has made this his labour of love and his duty to maintain over 12 kilometers of trails every winter for more than 40 years.

The circuit crosses over several private properties so he needs to get a seasonal right of way from the land owners to allow him to open the trails. Starting in the fall, he renews his permissions. He cuts back scrubby growth that might be in the way of the skiers. With the help of some family and his wife Yvette Beaupré, who acts as secretary, he cares for the trails. You can find him every weekend at the kiosk behind the Saint Catherine de Hatley community centre. This is the entry point. An annual membership costs $35 for individuals or $70 for families or you can pay the day rate which is $4.

The trail offers all the charms of the countryside: wooded areas, raised trails and panoramic landscapes. It is a demanding destination for skiers as the terrain is very hilly. When you start on the trail, you start by climbing up a field from which you have a beautiful view of Mount Orford and then you never stop going up or down afterwards. Where there are valleys, there are hills! At one point the ski trail crosses our snowshoe trail and in other places they run parallel to each other.

The contact phone number is his home phone. Mrs. Beaupré answers the calls. Gilbert laughed when he told me that sometimes people call late at night, expecting to leave a message on a business phone. After 10 p.m. he doesn’t answer.

Mr. and Mrs Beaupré don’t see each other very much in the winter as Gilbert is busy 7 days a week grooming and manning the ticket booth.
He used to ski as well, along with his family. He doesn’t ski anymore and his kids have moved away. When they come to visit, they still like to go out on the trails.

Website, Facebook page, other social media accounts? No, he doesn’t need any marketing. People discover the trails from friends and word of mouth.

Somewhat like the Massawippi Trail, Les Quatre Vallons ski trails are a treasured find for Townshipper outdoor enthusiasts.

“Thanks to the rights of way offered by the many owners, including the Massawippi Trust, we can offer very beautiful trails,” says Gilbert Beaupré, who looks forward to the arrival of the winter season every year.

Les Quatre Vallons will continue as long as Mr. Beaupré remains passionate. He intends to continue the picturesque circuit for as long as possible.

76 Rue la Grande, Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, (Quebec)
Téléphone : 819 843-7324

I think many of us are grateful that 2020 is over and are looking forward to starting anew in 2021.

The Massawippi Trust holds 1200 acres of pristine forest and land under conservation around the shores of Lake Massawippi. We have also built close to 14 kilometers of trails. We kept these trails open during the pandemic. This has enabled people to get out and enjoy nature, fresh air and help balance their mental and physical health.  We have been truly discovered in 2020, after 10 years of existence!

Sometimes alone, with a dog in tow, with a friend or family member, people have come to the Massawippi Trail whether at Scowen Park (North Hatley) or in St. Catherine de Hatley simply to GET OUTSIDE… 

OUTSIDE their 4 walls and INTO a green breathing space.


2021 is our 10th year anniversary

Our motto is: Discover Participate Invest

Discover: our mission to conserve land and to create a healthy community for the 5 municipalities around Lake Massawippi; your passion for the environment and beauty of the natural landscape; the trails and the health benefits for young and old, including our four legged friends. 

The four elements of conservation include: protection, research, recreation and education. Which one will you discover first?

Participate: in the conversation about conservation and healthy living; by walking on the trails as recreation but also an opportunity to learn; in sharing the sense of belonging to the community. The conservation mission requires participation. Do you want to participate?

Invest: in a healthy lifestyle that includes environmentally friendly choices; in your passion for a good life; support the work of the Massawippi Foundation and Trust financially, as a donor of land, or as a volunteer.  The Foundation has raised over 4 million dollars since its inception. In order to continue and ensure the perpetuity of our work, we need to build an endowment fund. Contributions come in many forms. You can invest yourself in the mission with time, ideas and financially.