Our Heroes are people who have either donated land for conservation or provided funds so that the Trust can purchase land of high ecological value in the Massawippi Valley.

Lim Family

Our many heartfelt thanks to the extended Lim family who, on December 21st, 2023 and led by Hai Toh Lim, donated a magnificent 19 acre marsh property in the heart of a larger wetland located at the base of Lake Massawippi in the municipality of Hatley.

This property’s ecological wealth is huge and, as important, is that it now becomes the “dominant” property owned by the Trust in that area to which as many as 26 neighbours will be able to attach servitudes on their marshes to this property.  Conversations have begun with these neighbouring owners which could eventually protect 700 acres of wetlands as a direct result of the Lim donation. The importance of this donation cannot be overstated.  Bravo, Lim family!

Our Donors

Dec. 19, 2023. Once again, our donors made it possible for the Trust to purchase 3 acres of marshland located at the lakefront on the west side of Lake Massawippi.

This property had been donated to The Massawippi Water Protection Association (now Blue Massawippi) by the Taylor Family many years ago prior to any existence of a land trust in the Massawippi Valley.  It made sense now for the Trust to purchase this property in order to guarantee its protection in perpetuity and to provide Blue Massawippi with some additional funds for its important work on the lake.  This transaction is a win/win for everyone, thanks to our donors.

Our Donors

In May , 2021 our donors provided the funds for the purchase of a small, strategically placed lot on Montée McKinven.

Jean-Pierre Cadrin and Sylvie Leblanc

On May 19th, 2020, the Trust became the owner of a four acre property on Montée McKinven. Our sincerest thanks to Mr. Jean-Pierre Cadrin and his wife, Sylvie Leblanc who sold to the Trust this strategic and beautiful forest at a great discount from its market value. This acreage will provide the Trust with an important future entry point to a future trail in the Canton de Hatley.

Our Donors

On April 24th, 2020, the Trust purchased a property of 7 acres on the west side of Lake Massawippi. Although not large, the property is very strategic as it has lakefront and is contiguous to land already protected by the Trust. This purchase was only possible because, once again, donors stepped up when needed. They continue to support the work of the Trust and we are most grateful to every one of them.

Our Donors

In August 2019 the Massawippi Conservation Trust gave the final installment on a 1.1 million dollar property on the west side of Lake Massawippi, contiguous to other protected properties. Thank you to our donors who made this possible, including the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Appalachian Corridor for contributing to the purchase. We wish to thank Alexander, David and Lindsay Eberts for their donation of approximately 8 acres.


Our sincere thanks go to this couple and their family who wish to remain anonymous. The generous conservation servitude they put under the Trust on five beautiful wooded acres in North Hatley on December 21 2018 will guarantee its protection in perpetuity.


Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Denis Beaulieu who purchased a vacant lot that was for sale on Montée McKinven in the Canton de Hatley in November, 2017 and immediately donated it to the Massawippi Conservation Trust a month later!

The property is approximately 2 acres of forest and some marshy areas containing a rich variety of flora and fauna. The property also gives the Trust the possibility of a new access to its trails from Montée McKinven. Thank you, Denis for this generous gift of land to the Trust.

Scowen Family

The Scowen Family and the municipalities of North Hatley and Canton de Hatley all came together in April, 2016 to transfer a property on Capelton Road known as Scowen Park to the Massawippi Conservation Trust. This 34 acre tract was originally donated to the two municipalities in 1980 by Philip Scowen Sr. to be used as a recreational site for the citizenry. Thirty-six years later, all the players realized that the Massawippi Conservation Trust was the perfect entity to protect and care for this property forever. So, in the spirit of the original gift, the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Philip Scowen, two mayors and 12 councilors were able to make this a reality. This was an extraordinary collaboration which adds each one of them to our list of conservation heroes. Thank you all!

Our Donors

Once again, generous donors came forward to help the Trust in 2015 acquire this very special property above the village of North Hatley. Once again, these donors asked for no public recognition. Once again, we are most grateful for their support on another important acquisition for the Trust.


On May 25th, 2015 Norman Webster signed a Deed of Servitude with the Massawippi Conservation Trust to conserve and protect 86 magnificent acres on the hillside going up the ridge on the west side of Lake Massawippi. The significance of this is said best by Norman himself.

“These woodlands are rare – much of them have never been logged and they maintain a significant diversity of plant life that is harder and harder these days to find – and to protect. Conserving this land ensures that future generations can enjoy their natural beauty as we have. It gives us geat satisfaction to be stewards of this land into the future and to leave this legacy to the Massawippi Conservation Trust.”

The Trust is grateful to him and his family for adding to the protection of Massawippi Mountain by this gift of servitude.


On May 25th, 2015 Tom Wilcox signed a Deed of Servitude with the Massawippi Conservation Trust to protect forever 20 acres of land south of Black Point in Baltimore Bay. this forest climbs up the ridge behind the family ‘camp’ which has existed for more than 100 years.

“Our family has loved and stewarded this property for six generations. We are thrilled to be part of a movement that will protect it and other uniquely beautiful properties for endless generations to come.” says Tom.

Thank you, Tom, and thanks to all the members of your family! Your actions will have a lasting impact on the natural beauty of this area.

Our Donors

On July 25th, 2014, the Trustees purchased 57.5 acres owned by ACF Inc., thanks to donations that ranged from $50 to $350,000. In five short months, from February to June of 2014, donors contributed the $1.4 million dollars needed, allowing the Massawippi Conservation Trust to acquire and protect this property.

The acquisition of this tract was crucial as the property had already been divided into 22 building lots, with road access, 6 of which were on 1200 feet of lake front.

These donors have not asked for any personal recognition of their generosity – but we know who you are and we are deeply grateful to all of you.
Thank you, dear Donors, for allowing the MCT to protect this beautiful property forever.

North Hatley Club

On August 10, 2014, members of the North Hatley Club voted overwhelmingly to conserve the Club’s property located on the east side of Lake Massawippi. The Black Point Property, consisting of 125 acres, remains owned by the North Hatley Club, and approximately 120 of the 125 acres are protected in perpetuity by a conservation servitude with the Massawippi Conservation Trust. This property is contiguous to the property given to the Trust by our Hero, George Wardman.

Susan Keller as President of the North Hatley Club signed the Deed of Servitude on May 25, 2015, saying that club members “were pleased to join the other land owners to conserve the Club’s land at Black Point. It is an important step towards the protection of all the land on the point to ensure that its beauty will be enjoyed for generations to come.”

Bravo to the North Hatley Club members for their foresight!


On May 24th, 2014, the MCT received its second donation of property, from George Wardman of Paget, Bermuda and North Hatley, Quebec. This donated property, located on the west side of lake Massawippi, consists of 420 pristine acres in the heart of the ridge. It climbs the slope to the summit of the ridge and then drops over the back of the mountain. The property is contiguous to the property donated by Louise Ransom, our first Hero. By giving the Trust his 50% ownership in the property, George has assured its protection in perpetuity.

George is the third generation of the Wardman family to spend his summers on lake Massawippi. His grandfather and father had acquired these lands for the express purpose of keeping them in their wild and natural state. George’s gift is made in honour of them.

Thank you, George, for your leadership role in conservation on this lake and for your wonderful generosity. And we thank your wife, Claudia and your children for their complete support of your vision for the future of this property and for the entire Massawippi Mountain.


In December, 2011, Louise Ransom of New York City donated land located on the west side of Lake Massawippi to be conserved in perpetuity. The five and a half acre property consists of a beach and old growth forest and contains biologically significant plants and endangered species.

Louise’s generosity did not stop there: She also gave a cash donation to assist the Trust with the costs of conserving this and future Trust properties.

Thank you, Louise, for your vision, your generosity and for setting a magnificent example for other landowners in the Massawippi Valley.

The beach has now been officially named “Louisiana” by the Trust as this was the affectionate name given to it by members of her family when she purchased it for herself in 1952.