About FMF / MCT

What are the FMF and MCT?

The Massawippi Foundation and Massawippi Trust started out as a series of conversations among area residents, about unprecedented land development around the lake. The concern was two-fold: how will development impact the local environment? How will it impact the local economy? The greatest fear was that ecological and aesthetic changes in key areas around the lake could have a catastrophic effect on the financial well being of all the Lake Massawippi communities. As a result of these conversations, the Massawippi Foundation (FMF) was established in 2010, and the Massawippi Conservation Trust (MCT) in 2011.

The Foundation

The Massawippi Foundation (FMF) supports activities that benefit the people of the Massawippi Valley and that preserve the uniquely beautiful ecosystems of the area.

It is a community organization. Its’ assets are held by the Ottawa Community Foundation, a well-regarded community foundation that operates bilingually and handles both endowed funds and those donated for more immediate use. For a small fee (1.5%) of funds managed per annum), using the services of the Ottawa Community Foundation allows us to keep our administrative costs very low and to serve our constituency in French and English.

For American donors – many of whose families have been coming to the Massawippi Valley for more than a century – the FMF has a similar arrangement with The Baltimore Community Foundation, founded in 1972 and The Sillicon Valley Community Foundation, formed in 2007.
The BCF and SVCF partner with families, individuals and businesses to facilitate their philanthropy.

What does the Foundation Do?

FMF gives money to local community activities. New playgrounds, library renovations, arena projects, environmental reclamation, health and education initiatives, programs across the arts, and more. Any project or activity that benefits the residents of the Massawippi Valley may be eligible for a grant. Grants come from both annual earnings on our endowed funds and from unrestricted funds.  The Foundation’s primary granting is given to the MCT to support its conservation work.

Board of Directors

Margot Graham Heyerhoff


Thomas Wilcox


Normand Brière


Jane Meagher


Hamnett Hill

Jodi White

Jonathan Fortier

Norman Jones

Patterson Webster

The Trust

The purpose of the Massawippi Conservation Trust (MCT) is to conserve the natural state of the land adjacent to Lake Massawippi and its tributaries, and to provide stewardship services for that land in perpetuity.

Our conservation efforts are focused at the moment on undeveloped land on the west slopes of Lake Massawippi, stretching over six kilometers and rising up to the high ridge. The government of Quebec has identified this particular area as containing old growth forest of significant interest. Biologists employed by the Appalachian Corridor Association have identified a wide variety of rare or threatened flora and fauna on these lands.

The Trust protects land adjacent to lake Massawippi and its tributaries by:
  • acquiring land through either purchase or donation
  • establishing easements or servitudes on land
  • helping landowners understand the ecological and tax benefits of limiting the types of activities permitted
  • helping landowners understand the potentially disastrous effect of over-development on the overall well-being of the Massawippi watershed.

Our Founding Trustees

All trustees are permanent or part-time residents of the Massawippi Valley: Jake Eberts (1941-2012) film producer, Margot Graham Heyerhoff, volunteer, Carmand Normand, businessman Norman Webster, journalist and newspaper editor, Thomas Wilcox, former executive director, Baltimore Community Foundation. In memoriam: David Rittenhouse, our first Executive Director, university professor, died on August 16, 2011.

Current Trustees

Normand Brière


Thomas Wilcox