Important Announcement – April 26 2021

Dear Visitors to our trail in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley,

We have been working with neighbours, the municipality and trail users since last autumn to help everyone with the parking issues on Côte du Piémont.

A benefactor paid the first surprise parking tickets issued on February 14th.  Mr. Bob Gingras generously opened a field for overflow parking. The municipality changed the parking by-law for us to benefit visitors to our trail.

This spring we thought that we had finally found a solution that would satisfy everyone.  Parking is now permitted on the right side of the road (looking down the road from the trail entrance) all the way down Côte du Piémont to chemin Gingras starting BELOW rue de la Pénéplaine.  This will be permitted all year long – yes winter and summer!

Even though the municipality has created new signs showing very clearly where one may park we had a situation on Saturday (April 24th) where some cars continued to park above Pénéplaine and partially or totally block neighbours’ driveways.  This is inexcusable and a case where we totally support the neighbours and their frustration and we will support them if they call the police and we will support the towing or ticketing of vehicles who park in these areas.

This is a clear case of a few people ignoring the rules with the effect that it might affect everyone who wishes to park on Côte du Piémont.  We cannot afford to lose what we have gained.

We are asking all trail visitors to please follow the new protocol – park only on the side permitted and park ONLY BELOW rue de la Pénéplaine if our parking lot is full.  If you see someone parking otherwise, please speak to them.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of making this new arrangement successful so we need everyone’s help.

Thank you.

Margot Heyerhoff


Fondation Massawippi Foundation