Giving Tuesday for the FMF Education Program

We protect what we love. We love what we know.

Donate to the Massawippi Foundation Education Program.

We Nuture by building Wonder, Curiosity, Hope in order to create a genuine Love of Nature. This year we are hosting 9 schools – 16 classses – 272 students – 3 visits during the year = total 816 visits. It is a turnkey activity paid for by the Massawippi Foundation.  It costs us $ 39.00 per student per visit.

Help us by sponsoring 1 student for 1 visit ($39). Sponsor one student for the year ($117). What about paying for an entire class (18 students) to come for 3 visits (the entire program) in one year ($2106). Or simply give what you can knowing that your donation will help us support the program.

THANK YOU for helping us nuture future conservationists and nature lovers.